Remote surveillance

Instant protection against intruders with

Remote surveillance with live warning of offenders

SECONTEC is always present through remote video surveillance! The video alarm system detects criminal activity before it can be carried out thanks to innovative security technology such as modern camera equipment, intelligent software and remote surveillance. In this way we have achieved a completely new level of security for your properties, premises, vehicles, goods and private property.

Our security technology is significantly less expensive, faster and more effective than any form of conventional security guard system.

Anti-burglary protection with SECONTEC: How remote video surveillance works

Fernüberwachung - Schritte: Einbruchversuch


Extremely high-resolution, remotely controlled cameras monitor your property at all times and transmit images to a security server.

Fernüberwachung - Schritte: Alarmierung


In suspicious cases the live images are swiftly passed to the 24/7-staffed SECONTEC remote surveillance service and are checked.


The security experts immediately evaluate the situation, speak directly to the offender in real time via an audio system and alert the police.

Remote video surveillance: Security solution for companies and private households

Our security solutions offer perfect protection for various different sectors. If you wish, we can also secure your private household. We secure you against theft, vandalism and unauthorised access. Our cooperating partners support you in the selection and installation of a security solution to suit your needs. We work on your behalf in the following areas:

01. Automotive
02. Industry
03. Construction sites
04. Logistics
05. Agriculture



A positive feeling of security is present if you place the protection of your assets in the hands of SECONTEC . You can do without wire mesh, a fence or a gateway with SECONTEC. Security guards will also be superfluous for you. We protect your assets 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Every security need is individual. This is also the way we advise you.

Remote surveillance for greater security: Your benefits

Active all-round surveillance

You are given active all-round surveillance with SECONTEC security technology. High-resolution cameras combined with modern analytical software with complex algorithms observe every movement in every corner of your commercial or residential property.

Intelligent process optimisation

Make additional use of our recordings for intelligent process optimisation. Thanks to fail-safe, digital storage of the image data you can clarify all incidents and attempted burglaries at any time cases of burglary, robbery or vandalism. We will be happy to support you in your assessment and fault analysis.

Extendible security system for additional areas

Our overall remote surveillance security system can be easily extended to include additional cameras for further property areas. At any time. Should you need additional installations of surveillance equipment, we can modify our system on your premises. In this way your total premises remain secure even if they are expanded.

Security even in cases of outside intervention and power cuts

Real-time video surveillance is guaranteed at all times by our security concept. Our security system remains stable in cases of a power cut or a sabotaged power cable. Even outside intervention or breakdowns are no problem thanks to the sabotage protection system and emergency power supply.

Cost-effective security concept

SECONTEC remote surveillance is not only cost-effective but you also receive a comprehensive security solution that offers 100 % security despite the lower costs.

Remote surveillance & burglary protection with SECONTEC

Security procedures can be an expensive matter – however, the damage brought about by a lack of security is mostly dearer.

Individual security solutions with flexible financing

For the financing you can choose whether you wish to purchase or lease the SECONTEC security concept. In particular, the leasing option enables you to have higher liquidity over a period of generally 72 months. After the end of the leasing period the hardware and software become your property.

Any questions?

Do you have any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to clarify your security concept with you.

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