Our security pledge:
with advanced cameras, live image surveillance and our own Video Operations Centre

„The security of our customers is at the heart of what drives SECONTEC. It is what we want to be judged by.“

Romuald Kowalik

Managing Director

Personalised consultation for your tailored security plan

SECONTEC will advise and support you in planning and implementing an intelligent security plan for your internal and external premises. Working together with you, we will always develop a plan that is right for your individual security goals.

We will gain an overview of your current security situation first-hand with an on-site visit, advise you based on your needs, and develop a meaningful security solution for your future security planning.

Digital security with added value

SECONTEC will give you expert advice and use state-of-the-art security technology to ensure your security. We use a combination of high-performance cameras developed exclusively for SECONTEC, intelligent surveillance software, and our own live, remote surveillance to provide maximum security for you, without reliance on any specific manufacturer.

Once the necessary equipment has been installed, your premises will enjoy significantly enhanced security and you will benefit from the added value of our extras, such as access controls, general notifications, and visitor flow analytics.

Security meets efficiency

SECONTEC guarantees that your investment will be cost effective. Because, compared to traditional security measures, such as an expensive security guard or simple static cameras, the SECONTEC offering will save you up to 50% of your previous security costs – all whilst providing 100% surveillance of your premises and assets.

We have a choice of financing options, and you can opt to purchase or lease your SECONTEC security plan. Companies will find the leasing options particularly appealing, as the hardware and software become your property at the end of the leasing period.

Sophisticated look and design

SECONTEC is careful to ensure that your new SECONTEC security solution fits in harmoniously with the general appearance of your premises. You can individually select the size, shape and colour of each of the elements, and match them to your corporate design. For example, we currently have manufacturer approval for our ideas for Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Porsche car dealerships, all of which tie in with their corporate image.

We provide security across Europe.

Leading insurance companies
recommend SECONTEC security solutions.

SECONTEC’s strategic partners include established organisations, purchasing groups, finance partners and banks.