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Many customer segments and industries throughout Europe rely on the intelligent security technology from SECONTEC.

Deutschlandweit vertrauen viele Kundensegmente & Branchen
auf die intelligente Sicherheitstechnologie von SECONTEC.

Porsche Center // Bad Homburg (DE)

We have large premises with open space adjacent. We are unable to see and check who is present on the grounds during the day and at night. We also have blind spots on the grounds of our car dealership which we cannot monitor.

But we want to protect our customers’ property and vehicles there, too. Until 2013, we constantly had problems with theft and damage on our large premises. Paint was smeared on the walls. Having experienced this, when we opened the Porsche centre in Oberursel in 2014, we got SECONTEC involved from the start in planning the construction.

“The benefits of SECONTEC are obvious! We have a much greater feeling of security, both for us and for the customers.”

Karlheinz Stamm

Since we did this, we have no longer had any issues with damage and theft. We do not have to worry about the alarm system. And we do not have to ask ourselves questions such as: Is the alarm system activated? Are the premises secured? If anyone enters the grounds, the alarm is immediately triggered.

The person is confronted and the police can be quickly informed. The benefits of SECONTEC are obvious! We have a much greater feeling of security, both for us and for the customers.We were able to take out a lower insurance policy, simply because we no longer have any damage and thefts. Overall, we feel significantly more secure!

Audi Center // Frankfurt (Main) (DE)

We are at the Audi Centre in Frankfurt. Because we have large premises and a lot of high-value cars, we are forced to protect our premises against vandalism and theft. The SECONTEC video surveillance system successfully covers and protects the many hidden corners that we have. Any intruders are addressed and scared off by SECONTEC through loudspeakers.

This nips any theft of spare parts in the bud. Communication is excellent and we always find a solution by working together. Otherwise, the agreed procedures work perfectly. If people are detected on our premises at night, SECONTEC are notified by the camera surveillance system. They then inform the security firm and the police. This means that outlay is kept to a minimum at night. Our entrances are also secured after business hours by retractable bollards.

“We are therefore very impressed by SECONTEC and our premises are secured!”

Thomas Anastasiou

They can be controlled in three different ways. Firstly, on site, by trained personnel. Secondly, via a mobile app and, thirdly, the local control centre can remotely raise or lower the bollards. This means that it is not necessary to have any staff on site for our customers to be able to leave their vehicle in the car park for the next day. So, people can go home without any misgivings, knowing that they will find their car safely in the car park the next morning. We are therefore very impressed by SECONTEC and our premises are secured!

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Lexus // Leipzig (DE)

Our car dealership has a large open area – with grounds of 30,000 square metres – containing many valuable vehicles. Our need for security is naturally highest in the evenings – and of course at night. But also at weekends! There is only one single security guard on site, and they cannot guard such a vast area on their own 24 hours a day.

Our feeling was that this was a great risk, and various negative events supported that feeling: thefts, vandalism, outright theft of complete wheel sets and various parts, theft of bodywork parts, headlights and also navigation systems.

As a result, we sat down together with SECONTEC. We immediately realised that we were able to lock up in the evening with greater peace of mind.

“We can only say that working together with SECONTEC is super!”

Michael Franz

We feel safe at all times, because we agreed an appropriate alarm schedule with SECONTEC and the alarm is activated in strict accordance with that plan. The communication with SECONTEC is also very professional!

Thanks to SECONTEC, we now have greater security in our core business.

This feeling of security is of course passed on by our staff to customers. They know that their car is also parked safely with us at the weekend. Because we also make our customers aware of this: “Your car is safe with us, because SECONTEC is our partner.” We have now been working with SECONTEC for more than five years and we feel that SECONTEC takes the best possible care of us and we would recommend them to everyone.

BMW Lüneburg (DE)

We have really vast premises with various locations where vehicles are parked and equipment is stored. For this reason, we need appropriate technology to ensure that nothing will happen. Before we decided on a full SECONTEC surveillance system, we were only able to monitor part of this area. This was of course not enough, and we therefore suffered some damage due to vandalism.

Our premises were not secure enough, and we were the victims of incidents ranging from the theft of parked vehicles to break-ins and the theft of navigation systems, radios and costly equipment.

Since SECONTEC has taken over the surveillance and reviewed the technology, we have not suffered any further intrusions, damage, thefts or vandalism. At the beginning of our collaboration there was another attempted theft, but SECONTEC showed us how reliable they are at dealing with such incidents.

“The decision to place the security of our company in the hands of SECONTEC was exactly the right one! We would always choose SECONTEC again!”

Frank Hansmann

We now have top-quality cameras across the whole premises. As soon as any movement is registered outside our business hours, SECONTEC is able to directly intervene. The situation is then monitored live by a member of staff at SECONTEC, assessed, and appropriate measures are taken. In the event of something happening, we receive an email and whoever is in charge gets a text message. Since this equipment has been put in place we have all been much more relaxed. The worry that something could happen outside business hours or at night has been eliminated by SECONTEC, and now we can enjoy our evenings.

The decision to place the security of our company in the hands of SECONTEC was exactly the right one! We would always choose SECONTEC again!

Volkswagen Center // Mainz (DE)

Our car dealership is part of the Löhr mile of car showrooms, and we have an extremely large site which we have to keep a watch on. We want our valuables and, in particular, those of our customers to be safe with us. Especially at night, premises such as ours offer plenty of opportunities for theft and break-ins.

The installation process took place smoothly. Apart from a few questions I have had no need to contact SECONTEC. The look of the cameras also really suits our buildings here on the showroom mile.

Last year we had very bad fire damage. 100 vehicles were randomly set on fire, ranging from customer vehicles to service vehicles. We also naturally suffered from minor thefts and burglaries.

“We are convinced that incidents will be avoided in the future thanks to the new SECONTEC video equipment!”

Christina Degenhart

So far, there have been no incidents in recent months. I am convinced that we have been able to save a great deal of time and expense through SECONTEC. Especially when it comes to insurance, which always ties up time and personnel, that’s something we will be able to avoid in future. Customer satisfaction, in particular, is an important issue for me. From now on, customers can entrust the security of their property into our hands with peace of mind and we will undertake the highest possible security procedures though SECONTEC.

We are convinced that incidents will be avoided in the future thanks to the new SECONTEC video equipment!


Audi Center // Koblenz (DE)

We used to get a lot of thefts. Wheels were stolen. Our building was repeatedly broken into. Once, our safe was ripped out of the wall and cut open – it caused a huge amount of damage. We don’t want a repeat of those experiences!

We didn’t feel very safe or secure before, and we couldn’t carry on like that!

We didn’t have to do anything, everything went very smoothly, it was really easy. We told SECONTEC what we wanted, and they put everything in place – it was perfect! We can go home with peace of mind, without worrying that the phone might ring again, which used to happen a lot before. Now, modern technology means that you can access all the cameras remotely, just through an app on your phone. The sense of security we have is really amazing!

“We have been working with SECONTEC since 2017 and we’ve also been sleeping better at night since then.”

Holger Maria Schwarz

We’ve also been sleeping better at night since then. Since we started working with them, there have been virtually no thefts, break-ins or damages to speak of. I can wholeheartedly recommend SECONTEC! We have now been working with SECONTEC since 2017, and I am very pleased with them. I truly believe that, in SECONTEC, we have one of the best partners on our side.

Block-type thermal power station // Neuwied (DE)

We are a biomass plant located on extremely large historic grounds. During the course of a year, we incinerate approximately 60,000 tonnes. Our operations are 24/7, but we only have one man on-site at the plant.

However, this one man cannot manage to both take care of the plant and the production and, at the same time, guard and protect the building and the lumber yard.

Our main security risk is vandalism. We need to be sure that no unauthorised persons can obtain access to the premises and potentially start a fire.

In the past, we had a security company that carried out checks at varied intervals. We did not feel secure, and this was the reason we considered SECONTEC! SECONTEC immediately understood all the relevant issues and knew exactly what boundaries needed to be established. That made us feel very secure!

“Now we feel secure at all times, as a watchful eye is always being kept on the plant by cameras which we can trust 100%!”

Christian Aust

SECONTEC now keeps these premises under constant surveillance and is able to confront offenders via loudspeaker, warn them and thus frighten them off. Since they have been doing this, we have never suffered any damage or theft. Now we feel secure at all times, as a watchful eye is always being kept on the plant by cameras which we can trust 100%!

Private Residence

We have a lot of space on our property, giving us a certain quality of life, but quality of life also means feeling secure. It is not simply a question of burglaries, or that someone could damage something, but rather of that peculiar feeling when you discover a stranger on your own land. This is why we thought a great deal about the subject of security.

Before we installed the system, we did not have such a sense of security.

We are constantly away on business, or travel away at the weekend, and it is just at these times that you do not have any control over your property. Of course, we had alarm systems, but nobody heard them, and if someone heard them, then it was too late. But now we have a real sense of security!

If a stranger is detected on our grounds, I immediately receive a message via an app, that is really practical! The security centres then uses a loudspeaker to tell the intruder to leave the property. Intruders are then frightened off!

“Of course, we had alarm systems, but nobody was able to hear them […]. Now we have a real sense of security.””

Tammy Sperlich Weber

Now the security system is installed, the advantages are obvious. There is no longer any stress with the clearing up of traces of a burglary and the most important thing is that there is no longer the risk of a stranger being in my house. I would not like to do without this feeling and this security, even when you are not at home, it gives me a great sense of security and comfort.

FLOR AG // Neuwied (DE)

We are here at Flohr AG in Neuwied. We are a freight forwarding company with 24 trucks and have a large warehouse with an area of over 5,000 square metres, in which our customers’ goods are stored. Our large open space enables us to work in comfortable conditions. However, we must protect against unauthorised access so that our customers’ goods are not damaged. We have to deal with all kinds of possibilities: theft, vandalism and rivalry in the individual sectors – all organised crime!

Before we began working with SECONTEC, our premises were only protected by fencing with a gate. But if we are honest with ourselves, a simple fence will not prevent any burglar from stealing. Thanks to SECONTEC, we have achieved a completely different level of security and the collaboration ran like clockwork.

They showed us all the blind spots and took appropriate measures. My weekends were plagued by worries, as I could never be sure that our grounds were secured.

“Thanks to SECONTEC, we have achieved a completely different level of security and the collaboration ran like clockwork.”

Sebastian Engel

Due to the great work of SECONTEC, two weeks ago we were able to successfully prevent an attempted break-in!

The intruders were warned off by loudspeaker and, at the same time, I received a text message on my mobile, and immediately knew that nothing had happened. Since then we feel safe at all times.

SECONTEC secure Europe.

Riding facility (DE)

We are here at the equestrian facility in Oberbieber in the town of Neuwied. There are around 65 horses on our expansive property which is located away from the town centre.

Before we installed the SECONTEC security equipment, we had to regularly send out our staff at night, because the gates were being rattled and, at times, horses were on the street. We had no attempted break-ins, but saddles worth hundreds of thousands of euros were stolen from the neighbouring riding stables.

In the past I always had an uneasy feeling when just one person was on-site. I do not like to think about all the things that might have happened.

At no time did we feel any discomfort, from the project planning stage to implementing the work with SECONTEC. SECONTEC viewed every corner of our stables and filmed every conceivable path that intruders could take.

The benefit for us is: we have a green area and a red area. The red area is within the facility and the green area includes the entire grounds.

“Since SECONTEC has been assisting us in the security of our stables, we feel safe at all times!”

Ralf Engel

If someone is discovered moving in the green area outside our opening hours, they will be confronted immediately by SECONTEC and should they go into the red area, the alarm is immediately activated. For example, when we have a mare in foal, she is monitored around the clock. Should she go into labour, information is given to the owner.

Since SECONTEC has been assisting us in the security of our stables, we feel safe at all times!

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