24 hours a day / 7 days a week
Live, real-time video surveillance
Our security solution for your premises and valuables

The SECONTEC security system reacts before any damage is done.

01 | Advanced cameras

SECONTEC uses various different types of security camera to fully monitor intruders. Our thermal imaging cameras, megapixel cameras (extremely high-resolution) and remote control cameras have been developed exclusively for us to monitor your premises and valuables at all times, and to transmit the images to a security server.

02 | Digital full image analysis

Software on the server records every movement using complex algorithms and innovative sensors. In the event of something suspicious occurring, the live images are transmitted straightaway to the SECONTEC remote surveillance service.

03 | 24h Video Operation Centre

If there is even the slightest suspicion of something untoward taking place, the software transmits the live images to our control centre. The security experts immediately evaluate the situation, confront the potential offender in real time via an audio system, and alert the police.

Added value for your security: SECONTEC is a one-stop service!

We meet all your security needs, from cables and cameras to remote controls.
We also take care of the financing of your new security solution.

Additional added value through seamless system integration

SECONTEC offers you a visual access control system for visitors, and even employees. During and outside business hours, SECONTEC checks service providers making deliveries by remote surveillance, compares people and number plates, operates the access gates, and observes deliveries. This means that you can prove – for example – that a customer’s vehicle has not been damaged whilst in your car park.

  • Remote gate and barrier opening systems for out-of hours goods deliveries
  • Integration of existing alarm systems into the SECONTEC security plan
  • Customer welcome: Increase customer satisfaction – be aware of your customers as soon as they drive onto your grounds. The video-based SECONTEC number plate recognition system will support you in this! Thanks to a link to the in-house customer database, you can give customers a personalised greeting through the information desk PC.

Customised financing

Security procedures can be an expensive matter – however, the damage brought about by a lack of security is mostly dearer. SECONTEC therefore offers you the best of both worlds: Our proposal will reduce your costs – while your level of security increases. Because, compared to a security guard or static cameras without IT-supported monitoring and remote surveillance, the cost of a SECONTEC system is around 50% of your current security costs. But our system allows you to see 100% of your premises – all the time.

For the financing, you can choose whether you wish to purchase or lease the SECONTEC security plan. The leasing option, in particular, provides you with greater liquidity and usually runs for a period of 72 months. At the end of the leasing period, the hardware and software become your property.

Our product features. Your benefits.

Active remote video surveillance

The latest cameras are connected with our analysis software. They observe every movement, in every corner of your grounds, for the surveillance of internal and external spaces using complex algorithms.

Limitless – with and without a fence!

Nowadays a fence does not hold back any intruder. Our proactive security system monitors any grounds – with no limitations.

Scalability & modification

Our entire system can be scaled up to include further cameras for additional areas. At any time. We can also modify our system in future, on your premises, for further installations.

Sabotage protection system & emergency power supply

Our security system ensures the secure transmission of data at all times, protecting you against external issues and outages.

Video material for analysis

Make use of our recordings for intelligent process optimisation. We will be happy to support you in your assessment and fault analysis processes.

Digital image storage for investigations

You can investigate any incidents or attempted burglaries at any time thanks to redundant and fail-safe storage of image data.

Our professional installation is durable and includes all services.